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You have found a place of magical science. Few know of this place.

Loftlore as fantasy was inspired by the great works of J.R. R. Tolkien, and by a print I saved from destruction when I purchased it from a U.S.A.F. beer bar/deli to be leveled. That print, a first edition of the Maxfield Parrish painting The Reluctant Dragon, hangs in my home to this day. The print popped a kernel of imagination that expanded into the story that is Loftlore. I wrote down my thoughts on Loftlore for many years. I set Loftlore aside. Much later I reopened the work and gave it a complete rewrite. From the beginning it has been my hope that Loftlore would be the first of three books, a trilogy. Loftlore is a story for all ages. It contains a self-consistent magic system presented as technology. I like the people in this book and I hope that you will too.


Image of painting by Maxfield Parrish

"The Reluctant Dragon" by Maxfield Parrish
Warg Wolf Rosie D While Mildramar Dran

and then there was Loftlore Mission


Loftlore Mission is a fantasy novel. It includes tantalizing aspects of both fantasy and science fiction. I have rarely seen these two genres so comfortably combined. This novel is the story of a young widow on a mission of revenge. Loftlore Mission is a cautionary tale. It suggests what happens when faith and power are combined. The novel tells of the destruction of a species after it comes into contact with a maniacal faith-based mind. Loftlore Mission was written to entertain, but its core message is the danger incumbent when faith is applied by powerful believers. This issue is current and timely. Loftlore Mission is great fantasy. The message does not overwhelm the story. Loftlore is a wonderful read for high school students and adults. Its pace is rapid, nonstop and at points, breathtaking. Those women who have read the book have made it a point to thank me for writing strong female characters. The book has its humorous moments. It has moments of high drama. Loftlore Mission is quick, modern and timely.

Sight Sword Bitter Road Rods Thorn Witch Dragon


and finally, Loftlore Resolve


Loftlore Resolve completes the trilogy. The marriage of fantasy and science fiction has produces a wondrous child! Pick this book up when you have little else to do because you won't want to put it down. The world of Sarahan, starstones, psi, dragons and men are delivered as a self-consistent whole. Why are things the way they are? Loftlore Resolve may help us all to understand. Personally, I've never seen fantasy so germane to the world around us. The allegory that is the Loftlore trilogy is achieved! This story, the likes of which you've never seen before, is finished! It is done! Loftlore is complete!

Attack Aspect Temple 500,000 Forces

The Love Heart
A love story by E. S. Hudler

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