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"Life... in Second Life"

What is Second Life?

Second Life is an online game. It is 3D in nature. You'll meet other people and these people will have various interests. CAUTION The people you meet in Second Life can be good or bad. That part of humanity is a true reflection of real life. In the game, people are represented by AVATARS. You dress, image and enrich your avatar with whatever personality you choose. When dealing with others in SL I suggest just one thing. Treat others as you wish yourself to be treated. My Avatar's name is Balanor Starsider. He is married to Xen, as I am married to Xen's real life reflection. Balanor's interests include, building, photography, exploring, scripting amongst many other things. Balanor lives with his wife in a castle of his own making. We stream in our own music from my RL computer. What follows is is a group of pictures depicting but a few moments of Second Life. Come and visit Loftlorian, my castle home!

The Loftlore music stream (radio)

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