The Love Heart
An origional love story by: E. S. Hudler

I went to my car this morning. I needed to fetch firewood from it's rear compartment. Laying on the ground in my front yard I found an amazing wire-for-the-wind sculpture. This lovely, lovely thing, shaped like a three dimensional heart-symbol, lay there atop the fallen leaves of orange and amber. The thin, flat wire of the thing glowed in a spectrum of rainbow colors. These colors, like the colors in a lawn-hose rainbow, changed as the slightest breezed caught the heart and slowly turned it. This lovely heart from nowhere just lade on the forest floor next to my car. Amazing! A gift from an unknown giver!
I immediately took it as such… a gift! It seemed to be a wish granted! It was in perfect, perfect condition. I hung it up outside my kitchen window where it hangs now.
How could it have gotten there upon those Autumn leaves? I live in a forest far from people! What is this heart's story? Yes there are trees all around. Oh yes! There are plenty of trees, but none with low limbs from which the heart could have fallen!
Do you want to know what I think? Well… (with a generous pause) I think that the crow, Blackheart Duken… that is his name, played a roll in this. Blackheart, you see, hates another crow name of Wiselove Hirum crow.
It is now known to me that Wiselove crow conjured-up the love-heart for his love Wonder Lovely crow. Wiselove crow's feelings for Wonder crow are no secret in the forest! Far from it! They speak it all the time! Also well known is Blackheart crow's jealousy of Wiselove and Wonder crow's love. Blackheart crow, when he learned that Wiselove crow had conjured a love-heart for Wonder crow, flew in and stole the heart!
There was a huge fight! Because he had put so much of his spirit into the love-heart, Wiselove crow did not fight his best fight. Wiselove crow was injured!
After placing the love-heart on a tree's branch, Blackheart landed! Blackheart crow wished to gloat over Wiselove's defeat!
A gentle wind wafted by. The conjured heart was kissed by the wind! It fell from the bough where Blackheart had placed it! The love-heart, you see, was made to catch the wind, just like it's creator's wings were meant to catch the wind!
The heart fell through the sky to lay next to the injured Wiselove crow. Wiselove, touched the love-heart. Borrowing the power of love from the heart, Wiselove crow grew strong! It was easy because love given is never entirely lost. In that magic moment Wiselove Crow stood and defeated Blackheart Duken crow!
These days Blackheart crow is a broken, miserable bird. He has no love and no love-heart. Blackheart crow lacks the loving heart needed to conjure one. He no longer has the strength to do harm to Wiselove and Wonder crows.
Wiselove Hirum crow and Wonder Lovely crow now live in a long and lasting love. Together they share the love that comes from the love-heart.
Do you see? That is how the love-heart came to be found on the leaves in my front yard! Wiselove and Wonder crows want to share love with all who can love. They do this because a shared love is the best and most powerful kind of love. Never keep your love to yourself. If you share it, there will always enough love to go around!
They lived happily ever after. If you love someone you will live happily ever after too!

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