Barack Obama
[President Barack Obama]
President Barack Obama has fought hard for the people of this nation. Our foe is an intractable, rabid-dog conservatism. It is also the fundamentalist Christian right wing. President Obama has done his best to keep the wealthy 1% from taking even more from us all. We must stop the inequalities committed against the people of this nation by wealthy special interests. Please visit the President's web site.
Loftlore's Cover Artist
[Joyce Di Bona]
Joyce Di Bona did the Loftlore cover art you see to your right. Her web site begins, "I believe that beneath all aridity and disillusionment, there lies an eternal beauty and love. That Place of Peace is accessible when we seek it. It is my hope that my work will be a bridge, a conduit, a fellow traveler's account of this amazing journey called life."
Randi Rhodes
[Randi Rhodes]
Randi Rhodes is an American progressive talk radio personality, formerly featured on Air America Radio and Nova M Radio and now on Premiere Radio Networks. The Randi Rhodes Show airs live Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm Eastern Time.